New! Fromage Blanc Spreads

For a while now we’ve been wanting to offer a “cheese of the month” special, but we felt it would be a cop-out to just slap a new price on one of our regular cheeses and call it a day. We wanted to give our customers something new, something fresh, something delicious! Well, after a little experimenting we’ve found it – our new line of fromage blanc spreads.

Fromage blanc is a creamy, spreadable cow’s cheese, with a nice blank palette that just begs for delicious flavors. Starting in February we will be offering a new flavor every month, starting with our Orange Marmalade Fromage Blanc. Other flavors will include Raspberry, Dill, and my favorite, Curried Cranberry. These cheese spreads are perfect for a snack or as an appetizer.

We’re so excited to share these new flavors with our customers, so come find us at one of our farmers’ markets and have a taste!


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