At Market This Weekend: 2/19/11

This weekend we’ll have the following cheeses available at Western Wake Farmers’ Market, Eno River Farmers’ Market, and South Estes Farmers’ Market:

  • Chevre (plain, sundried tomato, herbed, jalapeño)
  • Bloomin’ Decadence (camembert-style)
  • Feta
  • Ricotta
  • Mozzarella
  • Plain yogurt (Western Wake only)
  • County Seat Caraway (aged, raw goat cheese, Western Wake only)
  • Blue Cow Tomme (aged, raw cow cheese – Eno River & South Estes only)
  • Farmers’ Cheese
  • Assorted Fromage Blanc spreads
  • Spicy Goat Pimento Cheese (Western Wake only)

If you would like to reserve a cheese please e-mail us or send us a tweet. We will hold cheese for customers until 30 minutes before the close of market.

See you at market!


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