Two new ways to get our cheese!

2011 has been a year of growth for us, and we are happy to announce that we’re still growing, with two new vendors added to our roster! Starting this weekend customers in Raleigh can stop by the brand-new Raleigh Wine Shop on Glenwood for a carefully curated selection of some of our top cheeses. The folks at Raleigh Wine Shop really know their stuff, and they’d be happy to find you the perfect wine to pair with our cheese. Their grand opening is this Saturday, May 21st, so stop by and tell them we sent you!

Also new this month is our partnership with another wonderful home delivery service, Organic Food 2 You. We’ve just started working with them, so hopefully soon you’ll be able to add some delicious cheeses to your produce box!

We want our cheeses to be as accessible as possible, and we hope with these new partnerships that folks from the Triangle and across the state will have the opportunity to try our products and become just as obsessed with cheese as we are!


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