Thank You

Today I participated in a panel discussion about local cheese and the cheese making process at the Durham Public Library (along with Patrick of Reliable Cheese, Portia of Chapel Hill Creamery, and Dave of Prodigal Farm). There were close to 100 people in attendance, and all I could think was “wow”. We are so fortunate to live in an area where folks are committed to local farmers and food artisans, and today was just another affirmation.

As we start the new year I want to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you to our loyal customers who come out to market week after week (even in the cold of winter). Thank you to our farmers at Wilderness Trails Dairy and Maple View Farm who provide us with the means to make our cheeses. Thank you to the wonderful businesses and restaurants like Weaver Street Market, Papa Spud’s, and Crossroads at the Carolina Inn.

2012 marks our seventh year of production, and we could not be more excited to continue to grow and to make great cheese to share with you. Among the great things we have store for this year are new flavors of chevre, continued improvement of our hard cheeses, and a new foray into the world of blue cheese!

On behalf of Cindy, Dorian, and the West family, I thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to a great (and cheesy!) 2012.

– Matt Lardie, manager


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