Introducing Flavors of the Month!

Over the winter, and with the help our of newest employee and local gastronome, Evan, we’ve been experimenting with several new flavors of goat cheese.  We found so many that we like and want to share, we just can’t make them all at once.  So to that end, we’ve decided on rolling out a new flavor every month, starting with April!  We have a mix of sweet, savory and everything in between flavors to share with you, so make sure you stop by our farmer’s markets to grab a sample of the newest flavor (as well as several of our other awesome cheeses!), and  take some home.  We will announce (via social media) the new flavor of the month at the beginning of each month, so stay tuned in to find out what delectable new flavor is coming up.  You will NOT be disappointed!

So first up for April is……..(drum roll please!)……..Chipotle Lime with Garlic!  It is so good we can’t stop eating it in the kitchen, so it’s good its only around for a month or we’d be tired of it (NOT!).  All three flavors have been blended together perfectly so as not to overwhelm any particular taste.  There’s the nice smoky kick of the chipotle, the sweet tartness of the lime, the pungent undertones of garlic, all mixed in to enhance the taste of the goat cheese.  Perfect as a snack, or great with Mexican style cooking, chicken and pork (and I definitely think tofu/tempeh – Brady).  Possibilities are endless!  SOOO GOOOD!  Come try some any (and maybe every) Saturday in April at Market!



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