Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why don’t you maintain your own milking herds? – We are a very small operation (less than four regular employees) and maintaining a herd of goats or cows is far beyond our capabilities. We enjoy being small! (And, well, let’s be honest – we enjoy taking a vacation every now and then, too!)  Buying our milk locally enables us to show our support for the amazing local farmers we are so lucky to have.  A side benefit to that arrangement is that we can avoid the non-stop work of managing large herds and focus on the crafting of our delectable cheeses (Did we mention we enjoy vacations??).  (The few goats we have are family pets.)
  • Are your cheeses organic? What are the cows/goats fed? – Our cheeses are not certified organic. All of the milk we purchase comes from local, pasture-raised – unless the animals are producing milk (for safety and quality!) –  goats and cows. We make every effort to ensure that none of our milk comes from animals that have been treated with Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). Our cow milk is from Maple View Farm, here in Hillsborough, where the cows subsist on an all-natural pasture, supplemented by chemical-free feed. Our goat milk comes from Kilby Family Farms, in Asheboro, NC. All of their goats are as free-range as possible (Come on! They’re goats! They’re unstoppable!), hormone-free, and are fed a strict, healthy diet for optimal milk quality (and true animal bliss!).
  • Do you offer tours of your facility? Unfortunately we are unable to offer regular tours of our cheese kitchen. We are a very small company, and our kitchen is tiny, as well, so it isn’t feasible for us to do tours at this point in time.
  • Do you have a shop? We don’t operate our own retail store, but check out our Where to Buy page to find where our cheeses are sold across the Triangle.
  • Are your cheeses vegetarian/low-fat/low cholesterol? We only use vegetable rennet when creating our cheeses, so they are, in fact, vegetarian (Brady’s vegetarian and demanded it! Kidding!  Well, he actually is vegetarian…). As for low fat and/or low cholesterol…the short answer is no. We use whole milk to make all of our cheeses, as we feel that gives us the best possible product. We have never found low-fat cheese to be quite as tasty as whole milk cheese. Full fat = full flavor!

2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. My mother just gave me some of your cheese. I was wondering if there was any way to order from you to be shipped to our house. Let us know!

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